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Trainee Registration

Lebanon VA Medical Center


Welcome to the Lebanon VA Medical Center. We look forward to being a part of your educational journey.

Students and Trainees:

Please click on the link below to access and fill out all forms and training required by the Department of Veterans Affairs, Office of Academic Affiliations, and the Lebanon VA Medical Center, prior to your first work day.

If you received a pre-paid envelope from us, please use it to mail all of your completed forms and training certificates.
If not, please bring all of your completed forms with you to Orientation.

Additionally, you are required to bring the following documentation to Orientation:

  • Government-issued photo identification card (I.e. drivers license, military identification, passport)
  • School issued identification card or ID card
  • Permanent Resident Card (if applicable)

Questions? Contact:

  • Jose Torres, Staff Development Specialist
    (717) 272-6621 x4432
    email: Jose.Torres@va.gov
  • Sharon Krieger, Staff Development Specialist/Patient Education Program
    (717) 272-6621 x4438
    email: Sharon.Krieger@va.gov
  • Missy Frazier, Staff Development Specialist/Patient Education Program
    (717) 272-6621 x5272
    email: Melissa.Frazier@va.gov

Pharmacy Residents

Podiatry Residents

Dental Residents